Discover Oklahoma's Destination Dining Guide

The Discover Oklahoma TV Show crew knows that sauteed into any worthwhile journey is a heaping helping of local flavor. So they've created a tasty destination dining guide to showcase some of their favorite restaurants across the state. Here you'll find videos, photos and articles that make your mouth water as you conquer the ultimate burger or noodle for a crispy, golden chicken fried steak beneath a creamy pond of peppered gravy. You'll discover hot and melty, freshly baked goodies and slow hickory smoked fare. You'll find a smorgasbord of eateries that run the gamut from trendy bistros to rustic finds. And just for you, the Discover Oklahoma Crew has road tested them all. So loosen your belt and explore awhile here, then order the free Destination Dining Guide and visit the full Discover Oklahoma TV Show website.


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