Return to the days of Oklahoma's oil boom or take a walk amongst Art Deco giants while visiting architecture-rich Oklahoma. Stroll along the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma's "Terra Cotta City," for prime examples of Art Deco style from the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Barry Byrne and Bruce Goff. Tulsa's world-renowned collection of Art Deco architecture is far from the only notable style in the state. Sprawling mansions of Oklahoma's past oil barons, the world's largest Masonic temple, a Spanish Mission theater and Frank Lloyd Wright's only complete skyscraper, among other standouts, add to Oklahoma's eye appeal.

Travel along Route 66 to Arcadia's unique Round Barn or make a pit-stop in Guthrie, home to the largest Historic Preservation District in the nation. Meander down the city's brick-lined streets, take in charming storefronts and marvel at exceptional Victorian, Main Street architecture. With a wide variety of historic style and modern design, Oklahoma sets the standard for architectural getaways.


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